Banff Buffalo First Nations trading post. #firstnations #banff #centre #wideshot #wereopen

spring backyard. #flowers #blossoms #spring #rain #35mm #analogue #film #photography

the neighbour’s pet all phased out. #truck #ford #power #35mm #oc #bumper

the neighbour’s pet. #truck #ford #bumper #power #oc #35mm #analogue

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Sometimes I do forget, Oh how much we could ease the lives we lead

If we learn to let go, the reins that we hold

Return to our souls, and the spirit let flow

So you see, upon everyday faced there’s a million shades to

Express definition of grace

But the method I choose me prerogative

There’s so much love in me I got to give

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Hey ya’ll,
I’m back from the dead! A buddy of mine inspired me to get back on the horse and start looking into music reviews, so that’ll hopefully be a focus around here for a while. 
We both were bonding over the new self-titled release by UK duo Jungle, and we decided that there’s so much going on contextually and sonically with the band that I should do a music review!
Give me time to listen to their album in full, get some notes going, but I’m hoping to get something out in the next week or so.
I’ll have to muster up as much as I can to get this deadline in, but I’m promising something of a concise review.
Check out their single “Busy Earnin’” here off the band’s soundcloud.

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John & Claudia Peck.
"Love is All You Need".
some douchebag didn’t get the message. 

I can frame myself perfectly in a bathroom mirror / but when others snap impromptu snapshots I wish that good side was nearer.

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